She will be outnumbered. He has
many followers now.

You need to keep the faith and
believe she will make it back.

Marie lightly kisses Toby, then hugs him. Jason walks up behind them.

Hey. I’ve been looking all over for

Chester climbs off the desk runs over to a box on the floor.

Please tell me it’s good news.

I am afraid not. Eleanor contacted
Paul. She said she will not return
until she can bring Daniel back
with her.

Great! We can’t find the wristbands, and to make matters worse, she jammed the signal for the timeline. Even if we had the wristband, we couldn’t go after her for at least two days.

Marie looks behind Jason and sees Chester picking at long box.

Chester, what is it?

Toby and Jason turn and see the rat standing on the box that is hidden under a side table.

I think he found something.

Toby walks over, picks up the box, and opens it. He notices seven empty slots inside the box, along with a slip of paper.

Toby grabs the note and reads it.

Eleanor wrote this. She said she
made us all new wristbands and that
she will return shortly.

Marie grabs the note from Toby and reads it for herself.

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