Derek squeezes Eleanor’s arm and places his lips against her ear.

I think not!

Let me go!

Eleanor tries to pull away from Derek, but he continues to restrain her. As he does so, he catches the glint of her new wristband.

What is this?

I had to make a new one.

I have seen it all. I thought Nori was the only one who makes wristbands.

Nori helped me recalibrate it.

Derek grips her by the waist and leans against her backside.

Eleanor, the one thing I know about
you is that you have never been a
good liar. And to think I was going
to kill you.

I would prefer death over hearing
the sound of your voice.

Eleanor struggles but is unable to free herself from Derek’s grasp.

You will update this time pod for
me, and then I will wait for Paul.

Not if I kill you first.

Eleanor forms a ball of light in her hand, finally breaks free, and smacks him in face. The ball in her hand begins to glow red as Derek turns back around to face her.

You will not kill because you know
what you will turn into.

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