Paul grabs the device out of Aphrodite’s hands.

Paul opens Aphrodite’s front door and storms out with the wristbands in hand. Marie and Rose are standing in the corridor and block his way.

I told you they’re working

Marie and Rose push Paul back into Aphrodite’s apartment.

I didn’t steal them! Aphrodite did.

It looks like I was right.

Rose and Marie try to go to Aphrodite’s bedroom door as Paul
tries to block them. Marie bursts through Aphrodite’s bedroom, with Paul and Rose quickly following her.


How dare you?

Aphrodite stands up and backs up against the wall, her eyes wide with fear.
Paul jumps in front of Marie.

I can’t let you do this. Stand

Rose stands beside Marie.

You had better hope Eleanor makes
it back.

Paul will not let you harm me.

He can’t help you now.

Back up now. I will deal with her.

Marie and Rose reluctantly back away.

Here take these.

Marie and Rose each take few wristbands and exit Aphrodite’s
apartment, SLAMMING the door behind them.

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