I apologize if my disposition is a bit unsettling for you. At this moment, I cannot say I feel like sunshine and rainbows.


Just be grateful.

Aella walks in front of Ros and points into the forest.

Just stay away from the bay. There is a freshwater spring about a mile or so in that direction.

We will come by tomorrow to see how you are holding up.

I am sure we will survive the night.



Tanguy and Aella fly up and jet across the sky, toward their home. Tukkuttok leans down and jerks the bags away from Ros.

None of these items belong to you.

Ros pulls a bag harshly away from Tukkuttok.

Wrong! Whatever I take belongs to me.

Tukkuttok shakes his head and begins removing supplies from the bags.

Make sure to build your tent far away from mine.

Ros continues to unpack the items, casting occasional glances through the trees and out at the bay as the waves crash against the beach.

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