In a dark cell, Yura and Dag sit awake while their companions sleep on the floor. A beam of bright light comes down the hallway and shines through the iron bars. Cybele slowly strolls in with a lamp in her hands and shines the light on Yura.

I hope you are enjoying your accommodations.

Just go and let us be.

Dag, stop. Maybe we can reason with this sea monster.

How dare you, ingrate?I gave you a choice. Someone must pay for my soldiers’ deaths.

Yura runs over to the bars and tries to reach for Cybele.


If you will let go of your pride and select two of your men to pay for what you have done, the others are free to go.

You wasted your time coming down here. I will not do such a thing, not ever.

Fine. I bid you well trying to survive without food or water.

I cannot let others pay for my actions.
Cybele gently touches Yura’s face as she gazes into her eyes.

Easily enough, I can determine the two you like the least.

Dag pushes Queen Cybele away from Yura.

Do not touch her again.

Beware, for my kindness is beginning to taper off.

Yura pulls Dag with her as she backs away from the bars.


Just go away!

I do hope you enjoy your stay. When you are ready to make selections—

That will never happen.

Well, then I wish you sweet dreams…while they last.

Queen Cybele turns around and heads down the corridor, toward the exit.

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