Zoelie quickly enters the bedroom and closes the door. A big bed occupies the center of the room, and there is a small desk in the corner, next to a window that overlooks the Siren kingdom.

She walks over to her closet and opens the door. She enters and pulls clothes off of a huge chest in the corner, She opens the chest and looks down at a variety of rolled-up maps and other items.

A KNOCK-KNOCK comes at her door, and the princess hurriedly places Captain Ros’s pilfered items in the chest, closes it, and puts the clothes back on top to cover it.

Can’t I have one day to myself?

Zoelie exits her closet and sits at her desk, pretending to read a book.


Please come in!

Zoelie smiles as the door opens. King Pike enters and closes the door behind him.

Javan is looking for you.


Well, here I am.

I know we have not talked since before the wedding, but—

At that time, Pike, you were courting me, but it certainly didn’t take long for you to move on to my sister.

It was never my intention to hurt you. I hope you know I still care for you.

Pike reaches to touch Zoelie, but she pushes him away.

Stop! Why are you here? If Javan wants me, tell him I’m in my room.

I just want to apologize

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