Enough with your lies. You got what you wanted, including a crown to sit on your pretty head. I have already begun seeing someone else.

What is the Siren’s name?

He is not a Siren.

What!? Tell me you are not carrying on with a Sprite.

There are others in this world besides Sirens and Sprites, you petty, narrow-minded fool.


Do tell.


If you must know, he is an explorer, but it is really none of your business.

Zoelie looks at her book and angrily flips a page.

Perhaps you should learn more about this explorer before you take things…any further.

And perhaps you should spend your time in your own bedroom, with your wife. Please go now and leave me alone.

I was hoping to make amends.

Fine! If you insist on staying, I’ll go.

Zoelie tosses the book on her bed as she exits her room.

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