In a cozy living room, a KNOCK-KNOCK comes at the front door. Aella stumbles out of her bedroom and into the living room, walking toward the door as the KNOCKING continues.


I am coming!

She pulls out a sword and hides the weapon behind her back as she opens the door. She glares at Tanguy as he steps into her house and walks into the living room.

I can’t sleep. Plus, we need to talk about the new recruits and the new requirements for warriors in training.

Aella closes the door, heads for the living room couch, and places the sword on the side table.

So just because you can’t sleep, that means no one else can?

No, not everyone—just you.

Tanguy grins and pulls out the lists, then holds them out toward Aella, who quickly reads them.

Even if his daughter wants to become a warrior, the king has no right to interfere with our training program. I designed most of the previous requirements. I can’t believe he is demanding this!

Aella BANGS her fist on the table.

NAOIS, her half-naked husband, in his early thirties, quickly flies into the living room with sword in hand.


Tanguy looks at Naois oddly.

Is this how you greet all your guests?

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