Naois, I am fine.

Yes, Naois, there is no trouble here. Please go make yourself…presentable. You aren’t decent for company.

It is about work, warrior training.
Please just go back to bed, Naois. I’ll be there soon.

Naois looks down at Aella, then kisses her and backs away, glaring at Tanguy.

I would change your face before I’d change it for you.

What did you say?

Aella turns to Tanguy.


Shut up!

Aella lightly kisses Naois on the cheek.


Just go back to bed. I will be in soon, after I deal with this issue.

Disgruntled, mumbling, and shaking his head, Naois turns toward the hallway.


Goodnight, sweetheart.

Aella punches Tanguy hard in the arm.



Tanguy, please do us all a favor and go off yourself!

Naois returns to his bedroom and slams the door behind him.

Why must you always start something with him?

Tanguy pushes her playfully.

Sorry. I bore easily, and he is fun to toy with. Now I understand why you keep him around.

Ha! Anyway, tell me how we are supposed to do this harsh training while also watching over our new guests living near the bay.

That is exactly why I can’t sleep.

It will be a long training session.

Aella leans over, stares at the lists on the table, and shakes her head.

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