Moonlight shimmers on the waves as they SLAM against the beach. Princess Zoelie rises out of the water inside a bubble. The bubble bounces on the shore and bursts, and Zoelie lands on her feet and catches her conch shell. A FLUTTER and SQUAWK come from group of seagulls as they fly over and land in front of her.

I missed you too. Now, can you please be quiet?

A CRACKLE comes from the trees near the forest, then SHUFFLING and STOMPING as people walk toward the beach.


Come! We must hide.

Zoelie quickly looks and sees two figures walking through the trees toward the shoreline, carrying a lamp. She and the seagulls rush behind a huge rock near the water. Ros and Rolf walk out of the copse of trees and stop near the rock.

Enough! I am going to find Dag and leave this place.

Rolf pulls Ros away from the water.

No! You need to be here with us.

I cannot take another word from that man.

Tukkuttok confronts Ros.

Why? Because you cannot handle the truth I speak?

Truth? Your words are nothing but poison to my ears.

Your actions are poison. That is why your men were lost at sea, along with your brother.

Ros and Rolf run over Tukkuttok and stare him down.

I knew you killed them!

Your brother is a traitor.

No, those men tossed your brother into the sea.


All we did was protect ourselves from their brutal ways, and your brother helped us defeat them.

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