Zoelie eavesdrops from behind a rock, staying out of sight. She sees Ros raise a fist, ready to strike Tukkuttok.

His men would never do that to him. Keep your lies to yourself.

Your brother would speak highly of you. Said you were a protector.

I am, and he is the only reason why your still alive.

Dag was wrong about you. You’re only a taker, as greedy as the others.

Ros lowers his fist.

I haven’t taken anything from you. What do you hope to accomplish from criticizing me every minute?

I just want you to understand.

I get it, I got us stuck here. I am to blame for everyone getting taken. I sailed my ships far across the sea to find my brother, who didn’t want to be found. My path in life is broken and I don’t no where to go. Did I leave anything out?

I have never met a man so lost.

And, you never will again. Rolf, let’s head back to camp.

Ros and Rolf exit the beach and head back toward the tents.


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