Tanguy lowers Aella’s sword and points at Zoelie’s cloak.

Why is your cloak dry? The captain is telling the truth. You involved him in this dangerous plot.

I was only trying to help his companions escape from my sister’s charges.

Let’s hope she is in a forgiving mood today.

Aella points out to the bay as the waves CRASH and the Viking fleet rises from the water in huge bubbles. The bubbles POP, and the Viking fleet drops onto the shimmering surface.


What now?

Ros stands beside Zoelie as she grips his arm.

You tell us. This is your plan, remember?

Captain Ros, Zoelie, Tanguy, and Tukkuttok notice Queen Cybele in the distance, on Captain Ros’s ship in the middle of the fleet. She has a trident in her hand, pointing at Yura, Dag, the Viking crew, and the Tequestas. A large group of Sprite warriors lands behind Tanguy and the others.


Cybele paces in front of Yura, Dag, the other Vikings, and the Tequestas. Xircom and Siren warriors stand behind her.

What is our plan?

After, Zoelie is safe, I will decide their fate.

Dag leans over to Yura.

I will distract them while you escape with the others.

What!? I cannot allow you to do that.

For once in your life, stop questioning everything. Please just do as I say. It’s the only way any of us will survive.



Dag steps closer to Cybele and the Siren warriors.

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