Don’t, we need you here.

(Tries to reach for the water.) Let me go.

Don’t go! The waves will you take under.

Queen Cybele swims, holding Dag close and tight. She slowly walks onshore, and her scales and fins transform into shimming apparel. She continues to hold her trident close to Dag’s neck.

Unhand him now, you foul sea witch.
ROS Release my brother.

Zoelie, come now.

Ros pulls Zoelie behind him and stands in front of Queen Cybele.

Tanguy starts to fly toward them, but Aella blocks his path.

Stop! Don’t harm my brother.

But you harmed my sister!

He didn’t! I was only trying to help his people.

Zoelie steps away from Ros and moves closer to the bay. Javan quickly jumps onshore and pulls her into the bay, and she watches from the water.

I understand. I know what it is like to have a sibling. You give up everything to keep them safe and shield them from the dangers of the world, to protect them from all the evil they might encounter.

Cybele looks at Yura.

Who will pay for her crimes?

You have destroyed my fleet and marooned us here with no way home. Isn’t that enough? I swear that no harm came to your sister.

(Presses her weapon on Dag’s throat.) No, I want more.


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