In the middle of a graveyard the Sun slowly starts to rise.The sun shines on the tombstones as hooded figure carrying a scythe. He pulls back his hood to reveal late 30's (AZRAEL) man as light radiates on his face.

AZRAEL Such a peaceful day.

Azrael walks steps into puddle looks down and his reflection is a grim skeleton like appearance.

GABRIEL Yes, a nice day for people to be put to rest.

FLUTTER of feathers, female (GABRIEL) with Angel wings appears behind him. As she heads toward him her wings disappear.

AZRAEL Good day, Gabriel.

GABRIEL Are you taking a break already?

AZRAEL I was just passing through the area. What are you doing here?

GABRIEL Michael sent me to make sure you are doing your job right.

AZRAEL Stop lying. You are here your own as always.

GABRIEL I don't lie, I just tell another version of the truth. So, how long have you been on this little break of yours?

AZRAEL Don't you have your own tasks to do. Why are you here?

She blocks his path and leans on a tombstone.

GABRIEL Azrael, I worry for you. This task is not for everyone. Let's me be the one to collect the souls.

AZRAEL This my responsibility, I don't take it lightly. Be more respectful.

GABRIEL What? They are dead it's not like care if someone sits of their grave.

AZRAEL It's not the point. Please, get up.

GABRIEL (She stands) Fine, one day you will fail and I will be there waiting. This should be my assignment.

Azrael clears the leaves off the tombstone, then he picks a flower and places it the grave.

AZRAEL You get to involve in humans with your own desires. Do remember? That's why you will never get my job.

GABRIEL Since, you need to take so many breaks maybe you should talk to Michael about getting you some assistance.

AZRAEL (Puts on his hood) I have go back to work, please don't disturb the dead.

GABRIEL I only thing that is left in these graves is empty shells of their past lives.

AZRAEL (Shakes his head as opens his wings.) Good back, I don't need you watching over me today.

GABRIEL Who else will point out your mistakes?


I guess that's a luxury I will go with out.

Gabriel pulls out notebook and pen, starts writing.

GABRIEL Azrael, A write up for disrespecting his fellow Angel. Also, lacking in his labor today.

AZRAEL Well, you have fun with your little note taking. Unlike you, I have something worth doing with my time.

Azrael brushes by her splashes water on her.

GABRIEL How dare you? Azrael, it would be wise to tread lightly. I can sense failure rapidity approaching.

AZRAEL Yeah, you utter same verses daily. When you return tell Michael, unlike yours my tasks will be done correctly and on time.

GABRIEL Just don't be late for the processing.

MYA WELLINGTON (FEMALE EARLY 20'S) walks by the grave yard fence and pulls cart with files. A sound of THE PERRY MASON TV SHOW THEME SONG comes from her pocket.

MYA WELLINGTON (Stops and Answers her cell phone) This is Mya Wellington Associate for the state attorney's office. Yes, I have all the files, I am heading there right now. Okay, bye.

She hangs up the phone glances into the grave yard and sees no one. A CHILLY BREEZE shakes the trees and she buttons her coat. She continues on her way.


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