In modern court room, the observers benches filling up with people and court workers sit at in there area.

Mya enters stills pulls a cart, all her files neatly on her cart with labels, she sits and places her laptop and some legal file on the table.

MYA (Nods to the court workers.) Good Morning.

They wave and nod back to Mya pulls out a murder mystery book and starts read while she waits.

Moments later, DOUG KELIEN (MYA' BOSS) and JAMIE HELlION enter the courtroom and take a seat beside Mya.

MYA (CONT'D) (As she puts her book away.) Did read this book yet? It's a must read.


Did you prepare the file? Mya quickly hands the files on the desk to Doug.


Yes, they are ready. We have all the evidence and witness statements.

DOUG Mrs. Hellion, Mya is are top Associate. Don't you worry we will resolve this case today.


I just want this to be over with my family has been through enough.

MYA Don't worry Ms. Helion. We have enough evidence to charge Mr. Finch today.

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