GORDON (BAILIFF) walks into the Court room.

GORDON Please rise. The Court of the Second Judicial Circuit, Criminal Division, is now in session, the Honorable Judge Karin Diller presiding.

Mya stands with the others in the room notices the empty Defence table. As JUDGE KARIN DILLER enters and takes her seat.

JUDGE KARIN DILLER Let's get to it, everyone please take a seat. (Point at the defence area.) Where is the defence?

DOUG Your Honor, He might be having trouble with his client again.

The court room doors burst open Mya notices ROY GLENZINKIE DEFENCE LAWYER nervously enters the court room.

MYA (Leans towards Doug.) From his distress appearance Mr. Finch will again not be here for his court hearing.

JUDGE DILLER Good of you to join us Mr. Glenzinkie.

ROY Sorry your Honor... (Pulls a letter from his briefcase.) For my lateness.

DOUG Where is Mr. Finch?


Yes, this case would go smoother if your client showed up for his court dates.

ROY (With the letter in his hand.)

Your Honor, may I approach your bench.

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