You may.


No, we can't allow him to do this again.

Mya quickly rushes blocks the defense lawyer's path as he approaches the judge.

MYA (CONT'D) Your Honor, He thinks this one piece of paper will excuse Mr. Finch from missing his court date again. It will not.

JUDGE DILLER I must allow it, now Ms. Wellington please take your seat.

Mya angrily goes back to states attorney's table.

DOUG Mya, we need to see how this will play out.

Everyone watches as Judge Diller looks over Roy's letter.

JUDGE DILLER From reviewing this letter, I must declare a mistrial.

MYA (Quickly jets to her feet.)

I object, you can't allow this your honor.

DOUG (Lean towards Mya.) You need to calm down before, I have to bail you out of jail.

MYA (Whispers to Doug.) We need to resolve this case now.

JUDGE DILLER As I said mistrial. (She slams down her gavel.) I am going to lunch clear the court room.

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