JAMIE (Starts to cry.) That man, must be charged for what he did to my family.

Roy sadly watches Jamie as he exits the court room.

MYA (Hugs Jamie, he glares at Roy leaving.) We will resolve this soon enough.


I will make sure she gets home.

Mya places her stuff nicely in her cart as Doug walks Jamie out.


Mya carries her cart down the stairs as a WOMAN follows closely behind her. She speeds up her pace and the woman still on her trail.

MYA (Quickly turns around.) Why are you following me? The Woman pulls out a photo a little boy.

WOMAN This my son, he died because the hospital refused help him because our insurance didn't cover his condition anymore.

MYA (Pulls out a business card and hands it to her.) Email, me the details of your case. I will see what I can do.

WOMAN (Hugs Mya) Thank you.

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