A cab stop in food of "Italian take out restaurant." Mya steps out of the cab with her cart on wheels.

MYA (Close the cab's door.) Thanks, have a good evening.

The cab drives away she notices a COP (OFFICER FIGGLE) aggressively shoving a HOMELESS MAN near the restaurant Mya rushes over to them.

MYA (CONT'D) Hey! That is abuse of your authority officer.

OFFICER FIGGLE You keep your mouth shut before I arrest you for interfering with police officer. (He pulls on the Homeless guys arm.) Let's go, vacate this area before arrest you.


How dare you? (Pulls out her call phone.) What is your name officer? (Read his name tag) Yes, Ma'ma I need filed a report against an officer Figgle. I am Mya Washington I work the state attorney's office.

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