Death’s Associate #8

Officer Figgle release the Homeless and he runs away pushing a shopping cart. OFFICER FIGGLE Wait, stop. Let’s just calm down.We can resolve this right now. MYA (Pulls the phone away from her mouth.) If someone breaks the law they must appear in court to resolve the issue. You should know this being an officer […]

Death’s Associate #7

EXT. ITALIAN RESTAURANT – AFTERNOON A cab stop in food of “Italian take out restaurant.” Mya steps out of the cab with her cart on wheels. MYA (Close the cab’s door.) Thanks, have a good evening. The cab drives away she notices a COP (OFFICER FIGGLE) aggressively shoving a HOMELESS MAN near the restaurant Mya […]

Death’s Associate #4

JUDGE DILLERYou may. MYA No, we can’t allow him to do this again. Mya quickly rushes blocks the defense lawyer’s path as he approaches the judge. MYA (CONT’D) Your Honor, He thinks this one piece of paper will excuse Mr. Finch from missing his court date again. It will not. JUDGE DILLER I must allow […]

Death’s Associate #3

GORDON (BAILIFF) walks into the Court room. GORDON Please rise. The Court of the Second Judicial Circuit, Criminal Division, is now in session, the Honorable Judge Karin Diller presiding. Mya stands with the others in the room notices the empty Defence table. As JUDGE KARIN DILLER enters and takes her seat. JUDGE KARIN DILLER Let’s […]

Death’s Associate #1

TEASER EXT. OLD SAINT MARTIN’S CEMETERY- EARLY DAWN In the middle of a graveyard the Sun slowly starts to rise.The sun shines on the tombstones as hooded figure carrying a scythe. He pulls back his hood to reveal late 30’s (AZRAEL) man as light radiates on his face. AZRAEL Such a peaceful day. Azrael walks […]

VAGARY “Eye of the storm” #48

CYBELE Come here. ROS Release Dag first. Cybele releases Dag, and he runs to Yura and Ros and greets them both with a hug. ROS (CONT’D)Build ships and leave this place. Even if I never return. DAG Don’t go. ROS(Nods at Tukkuttok.)Take care of my bother and his child. TUKKUTTOK I will. Cybele grabs Ros […]

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