VAGARY “Eye of the storm” #37

INT. AELLA’S HOME – NIGHT In a cozy living room, a KNOCK-KNOCK comes at the front door. Aella stumbles out of her bedroom and into the living room, walking toward the door as the KNOCKING continues. AELLA I am coming! She pulls out a sword and hides the weapon behind her back as she opens […]

VAGARY “Eye of the storm” #36

ACT FOURINT. SIRENS CASTLE HALLWAY – EVENING Karis quickly approaches Cybele as she exits her bedroom. KARISMy Queen, someone has taken the prisoners’ weapons. CYBELEFirst, we are missing food from the kitchen, and now this! I am extremely disappointed in the lackluster performance of your men today. Can no one do anything right? Has Javan […]

VAGARY “Eye of the storm” #35

INT. TANGUY’S HOME – NIGHT Tanguy sits on a couch in a small living room, sketching a picture of bird in a tree. When a KNOCK-KNOCK comes at the door. He quickly places the paper and pencil under his coffee table in front of him. TANGUY Enter! Oisin enters, with papers in hand. OISINGood evening, […]

VAGARY “Eye of the storm” #34

EXT. SAGACIOUS PENINSULA/ FOREST – CONTINUOUS Ros passes Rolf and heads into the campsite tents, only to see the supplies strewn about the ground and the Tequestas and Vikings fighting each other. ROSI order you to stop now! ROLFThis is not good. While Tukkuttok fights one Viking, another approaches him from behind, brandishing a small […]

VAGARY “Eye of the storm” #33

EXT. SIRENS BAY/SAGACIOUS PENINSULA – EVENINGRos steps out the forest and onto the beach and notices a figure swimming near the shore. Rolf follows Ros’s path and pauses beside him. ROSWhat part of wanting to be alone don’t you understand? ROLFI fear the chief’s people and our men will kill each other before the end […]

VAGARY “Eye of the storm” #32

ZOELIEEnough with your lies. You got what you wanted, including a crown to sit on your pretty head. I have already begun seeing someone else. PIKEWhat is the Siren’s name? ZOELIEHe is not a Siren. PIKEWhat!? Tell me you are not carrying on with a Sprite. ZOELIEThere are others in this world besides Sirens and […]

VAGARY “Eye of the storm” #31

INT. PRINCESS ZOELIE’S BEDROOM/CLOSET – MOMENTS LATER Zoelie quickly enters the bedroom and closes the door. A big bed occupies the center of the room, and there is a small desk in the corner, next to a window that overlooks the Siren kingdom. She walks over to her closet and opens the door. She enters […]

VAGARY “Eye of the storm” #30

INT. SIREN DUNGEON – EVENINGIn a dark cell, Yura and Dag sit awake while their companions sleep on the floor. A beam of bright light comes down the hallway and shines through the iron bars. Cybele slowly strolls in with a lamp in her hands and shines the light on Yura. CYBELEI hope you are […]

VAGARY “Eye of the storm” #29

ROSI apologize if my disposition is a bit unsettling for you. At this moment, I cannot say I feel like sunshine and rainbows. TUKKUTTOK Just be grateful. Aella walks in front of Ros and points into the forest. AELLAJust stay away from the bay. There is a freshwater spring about a mile or so in […]

VAGARY “Eye of the storm” #28

OISINHighness, with all due respect, these skills are very advanced for new recruits. LIRExactly, but this will ensure that they are better prepared to defend our land. Is there a problem? Are you suggesting that they—or our trainers—are incapable? OISINNo, sir. Certainly not. LIRPlease be sure to give that to Tanguy when he returns. OISIN […]

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