VAGARY “Eye of the storm” #47

TUKKUTTOKDon’t, we need you here. ROS(Tries to reach for the water.) Let me go. ZOELIEDon’t go! The waves will you take under. Queen Cybele swims, holding Dag close and tight. She slowly walks onshore, and her scales and fins transform into shimming apparel. She continues to hold her trident close to Dag’s neck. YURAUnhand him […]

VAGARY “Eye of the storm” #46

DAGDie, you evil sea creatures! CYBELE Lock him up now! The Siren warriors stand in front Cybele. Yura, the Vikings, and the Tequestas jump overboard. Cybele hurries to the side rail as the Sprite warriors carry Yura and the others toward shore. CYBELE (CONT’D) This nonsense stops now! Get off these ships! She grabs Dag […]

VAGARY “Eye of the storm” #45

Tanguy lowers Aella’s sword and points at Zoelie’s cloak. TANGUYWhy is your cloak dry? The captain is telling the truth. You involved him in this dangerous plot. ZOELIEI was only trying to help his companions escape from my sister’s charges. AELLALet’s hope she is in a forgiving mood today. Aella points out to the bay […]

VAGARY “Eye of the storm” #44

EXT. SIREN BAY/SAGACIOUS PENINSULA – CONTINUOUS Ros carries Zoelie out of the forest and places her down near the shore, then pushes her toward the bay. ZOELIEDon’t! You are going to get my cloak wet. ROSGo back now, before you make it worse for us. Zoelie tries to step past Ros, but he grabs her […]

VAGARY “Eye of the storm” #43

INT. CAPTAIN ROS’S TENT – MORNING Zoelie quickly enters the tent and pauses beside the sleeping captain. She pokes Ros’s arm as he sleeps. ZOELIEExcuse me, sir… ROSFather, I promise you I will find Dag. Don’t go! Zoelie shakes Ros, trying to wake him. ZOELIE Wake up! You are having a nightmare. Ros quickly awakes, […]

VAGARY “Eye of the storm” #42

ACT FIVE INT. QUEEN CYBELE’S BEDROOM – MORNING In a large, royal-sized bedroom, King Pike sits at the vanity, looking at himself in the mirror. Queen Cybele awakes and gets out of bed. PIKEGood morning, my love. Cybele lightly rubs Pike’s neck and kisses him on the cheek. She raises her head to glance at […]

VAGARY “Eye of the storm” #41

Zoelie eavesdrops from behind a rock, staying out of sight. She sees Ros raise a fist, ready to strike Tukkuttok. ROSHis men would never do that to him. Keep your lies to yourself. TUKKUTTOKYour brother would speak highly of you. Said you were a protector. ROSI am, and he is the only reason why your […]

VAGARY “Eye of the storm” #40

EXT. SIREN BAY/SAGACIOUS PENINSULA – NIGHT Moonlight shimmers on the waves as they SLAM against the beach. Princess Zoelie rises out of the water inside a bubble. The bubble bounces on the shore and bursts, and Zoelie lands on her feet and catches her conch shell. A FLUTTER and SQUAWK come from group of seagulls […]

VAGARY “Eye of the storm” #39

INT. SIREN DUNGEON – NIGHTYura, near the cell door, tries to pick the lock with the dagger. Dag stirs from his sleep and looks over at her. DAGWhat is milady doing there? YURATrying to save us. DAGBut we made a deal with Princess Zoelie already. YURAWe do not even know her. How can we trust […]

VAGARY “Eye of the storm” #38

AELLANaois, I am fine. TANGUYYes, Naois, there is no trouble here. Please go make yourself…presentable. You aren’t decent for company. AELLAIt is about work, warrior training. Please just go back to bed, Naois. I’ll be there soon. Naois looks down at Aella, then kisses her and backs away, glaring at Tanguy. TANGUYI would change your […]

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