The Bermuda “Recoil” #56

Paul grabs the device out of Aphrodite’s hands. Paul opens Aphrodite’s front door and storms out with the wristbands in hand. Marie and Rose are standing in the corridor and block his way. MARIEI told you they’re workingtogether. Marie and Rose push Paul back into Aphrodite’s apartment. PAULI didn’t steal them! Aphrodite did. ROSEIt looks […]

The Bermuda “Recoil” #55

INT. APHRODITE’S APARTMENT/BEDROOM – NIGHT Aphrodite pulls Paul by his hand and stops in front of her vanity. Paul backs away as Aphrodite leans down to open the drawer. She pulls out the wristbands and gives them to Paul. PAULWhy do you have these? Aphrodite sits on her bed with her head down. APHRODITEI jammed […]

VAGARY: “Eye of the Storm” Introduction

When an unlikely, argumentative group sets sail with a Viking fleet and finds themselves stuck in another dimension, tossed into another plane of existence by a violent storm, they must find a way to survive, surrounded by strange creatures immersed in a war of their own, Sirens and Sprites, the travelers seek to find a […]

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